3D Scanner Kit

laser scanning a Mozart moulded head to create a 3d modelThis quality 3d scanner kit takes just 30minutes to set up. Then you are free to create awesome 3d models for your desktop 3d printer. Be one of the first to have your very own 3d workshop.

Included are

  • The 3d Scanner software and full license
  • Automatic Turntable with power supply and USB cable
  • Linear Laser for precision accuracy
  • HD Camera with Carl Zeiss Lens
  • STL files to print camera, laser and turntable mounts.
  • Template for drilling holes for mounts.


  • Desktop 3D Printer to print scanner mounts
  • 40x40cm MDF and a drill.
  • Medium to high end Windows PC with two free USB ports.
  • 2 x AA batteries for Laser
  • Time to assemble 30mins.


  • Scan type: Circumference (tops and bottoms will require closing)
  • Texture and Geometry
  • Scan speed (typical) under 60 sec
  • Object size (typical) 1~20 cm
  • Object weight (typical) 0~3 kg

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