3d Printers as seen on Today Tonight

Girl holding 3d worldThis evening Today Tonight featured a story on 3d printing and many of the Australian population have as yet not heard about this phenomenon that is about to take over the world.

The story reports that within 5 years every school will have a 3d printer, and within 10 years most households will also. Can you imagine the changes this will have on our everyday life?

Futurists are now predicting that soon the value will no longer be on goods and workmanship in manufacturing but the blueprints and intellectual property that makes 3d printing possible. Currently for under $1000 dollars you can purchase a basic 3d printer that can make small plastic objects but titanium printers cost more that $1million.

With the exponential growth that is happening in technology and with it the decreasing costs to produce such advanced machinery make the possibilities endless. Because 3d technology is now working at  below the atom level, pretty soon we will be producing anything we want at home by just downloading the blueprints to our own 3d printers.

You will no longer go out to buy a pair of shoes, clothes or accessories like handbags or wallets but produce them for yourself. Flavours for food are being patented as we will also soon be able to print what we eat as well.

Parts for your car or bike or even the whole will be produced this way and entire wall panels for houses are now being printed complete with wiring and plumbing ready to slot together so a home can be assembled on site in less than a day.

The possibilities are so varied and world changing that it is hard for some to even imagine what things we be like entering the next decade. So watch this space for more updates on this amazing technology.